An Introvert Skipping Stones Across A Sea Of Madness

Amid an ocean of self-indulgent meaningless babble, a voice struggles to be heard…

A restaurant offends above the ear. A blank chain machines a floor. Your priest reigns? How will the mild recipe stretch beside a compound? His cave favors a detectable genius outside whatever street. The glue consents over the muck! Will the chief orientate the simplified abuse? The toward crystal decays. How does the primary childhood urge a grab asset? The significance touches a pompous sock.

I’m lonely

The horrified sniff enables the gradual postage. The chapter listens next to the motor. The misfortune judges an infect deposit. The inertia finishes! A smoker toasts the easiest article beneath a threat. Her tight riot apologizes over an embarrassed grammar. Why won’t the sterling decay sound an editor? Her rotating vein vanishes underneath her incapable pedestrian. The project rockets the volunteer over whatever malicious glove.

I miss you

A trusting terminator bends his fatuous life. A bull brakes the rainbow. The controversy flowers! Why won’t a convincing earth zoom underneath the context? When will a biochemistry decide the stirred whole? The actor enjoys the peasant. Should an address rail without a customary equilibrium? The remarkable delight slaves.

I hurt inside

The intimate drives a frog. The life vanishes! The expertise flowers on top of the demise. When can the doubling killer stop the departmental minimalist? Above the mankind aborts the instinct. Should a cosmic country experience the intimate? Does an injustice fear the event? A theorem negotiates the bliss. Above an optimum triumph conforms her even ritual. The pretentious creature bobs.

I’m lost

The pursued breeze bells the infant. In the cancelled campaign exits the racing annoyance. Her axis orbits a smooth error before the luck. The soap strains? Can a deposit slide? The approval talks after the chancellor! A model breathes above the model neighborhood. The explosive volunteers over a hilarious realm. A warehouse talks in the selected hindsight. The luck conforms on top of my sport.

I want to leave

A deal defeated enters over the cue. When can the computerized static volunteer? The woman rocks the juice. The ruin riots past the opponent! The gospel pumps within a weather! The related earth recovers past a censor. A verse graduates a damned. Around an implied diagonal enters the terrified custom. A game riots!

I’m nothing

The greatest banner speculates against the clipped seal. The executable castle prices this inhabited architecture. Should a baffled world encode another bigot? The ill meal contracts a voltage without a sequential epic. How does a miracle spin? How will this fuss stall? Near the frown reaches the choir. The spectacular screams under an untidy borderline. The hook detracts a reactionary night beneath the diagonal. The farm surfaces?

Broken and faded…

The short garage floats the dedicate fog. The leadership fishes near the stack. A view breezes in a brain! Does any magic troop constrain the temporary autumn?




(The conversation in bold print was generated by a page; it is a framing device, truly meaningless, meant to represent the conversations and monologues of people the introvert comes in contact with throughout the day.)


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