Melodrama Is, Like, The Worst Thing Ever, You Know? 

I can’t stand melodrama. So many people want to take situations and just make them way more dramatic than they are. But I never, and I mean NEVER, do that, ever, ever, ever. And I would never ever ever do that. There isn’t enough time in my extremely busy day to even bother with the loads of melodrama that other horrible and idiotic people create. They are the WORST. I mean, this one chick just kept crying and crying over and over and over, and she wouldn’t stop until she cried an entire river, and I’m like, whatever, like THAT’S never happened to anyone else. Can you believe her? And her outfit was the worst outfit I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I wish someone had pointed out to her that yellow tights and a purple top with a tiger print belt is absolutely a fashion DISASTER! Like Dis. As. Ter.

And then there’s this guy who thinks he’s all that, but he’s such a huge loser. He’s always strutting around like he’s better than everyone else, with his hair and his tie. What an incredible douche! It’s not like he deserves that great parking space just because he gets here early. And that lady who asked me where I worked, and I’m like, are you stupid? I work right here! Some people can’t even pay attention because they are so absorbed with their own problems. Like the guy who won’t give me a computer, and the woman who can’t hook up my account, and that other guy who hasn’t even been in to take me around to all the places I need to go. Hello, I need all that stuff! But no, these people are so melodramatic that they have to do other things, they’re so busy, blah blah blah. Hook up my stuff and I’ll be fifty times busier than you! Puh. Lease.

So anyway, I hate melodrama, and people who make a huge deal out of nothing and who think they are the only ones with problems. My problems are so much worse. Why don’t these selfish people realize that?


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