Perpetual Canon

Someone reaches out in longing need

The hand slapped down with shocking smack

To limit communication doesn’t make sense

Behind screens of opacity

Carefully constructed houses of cards

Oblivious to what one may lack

Surrounding subject matter with barbed wire fence

Somewhat dimming the inner fire

Pay attention to the way we bleed

Saying and doing things that we can’t take back

Doubting our own infinite capacity

To perform even this simple deed

Confronting adversity is often hard

We don’t discern any difference

When we feel safe behind fences of barbed wire

Protected from any and all attacks

Placated by preaching to our choirs

Ignorant of the ego’s audacity

Risk-free life all but guaranteed

But from love we are also barred

In our earnest tenacity

To trade all real emotion for ‘fact’

When the source of all our confidence

Is a perimeter of wire fences, barbed


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