Wish List For Demons

She likes chocolate
She likes chick lit
She’s talkative and ticklish
She likes philosophy
She likes philanthropy
She’s magnanimous misanthropy

I’ll probably be in the grave
Or the atmosphere
Before she appears
To calm my fears and
Ask me what I’m doing here

I’ll tell her ultimately
Some things that haunt me
Are there to help me
Nobody wants me
Lyrics are my bible
Concerts my revival
Music is my spirit
Everyone should hear it
Music is the closest feeling
I’m ever going to have to a religion
After my body stops screaming
She’ll say “What do you mean by
‘making friends with demons’?”

All my demons have an analog dial
All my demons have a crocodile smile
I can turn them all down
To useful levels
I can turn them all on
Those little devils

She likes sex
She ain’t shy
One of the girls and she’s one of the guys
She likes chaos
She likes peace
She likes psychosexual release

I’ll probably be halfway
Down the road
Or up in the sky
Before she even wakes up
Before she even makes up her mind


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