Cognitive Event Horizon

“She may be mad, he realizes abruptly. Not clinically insane, just at odds with the entire universe. Locked into a pathological view of her own role in reality.” – Charles Stross, Accelerando

Avoiding the content of what is said, and focusing on the method of delivery, is just a diversionary tactic, easily recognizable as such. Does it make you feel better? Savory. I prefer my words unfiltered so you can taste their flavor. Delicious.

I will search through each breath for the words you used to say. I will examine each whisper for the times you said my name with a smile on your lips.

I find repetition can wear down a situation like the ocean wears down rocks. I won’t follow your instructions. The content does matter. To avoid my words is to avoid me. I will say it in as many ways as possible, with as many different levels of vocabulary as possible. Simplicity to complexity, I will speak my mind until you hear me.

Quantity tends to have a quality all its own. – Charles Stross, The Nightmare Stacks

When I sadly realize your willful audiosyncrasy, I shall become silent. Why should I keep walking on the edge of the knife for you? If you embraced me, and us, you would not be displaying a blade, let alone edge up. All your diversions are armor, all your rules parries, all your declinations self-protection. You shall ever be a raw nerve within that nearly impenetrable exterior, gaining neither wisdom nor experience. Practice makes perfect – no one can be perfect, but adversity gets better, easier, less frequent with practice.

“I am sick and tired of reality refusing to conform to the requirements of my meticulously-researched near-future or proximate-present fictions.” – Charles Stross


7 thoughts on “Cognitive Event Horizon”

  1. Hmmm I think the method of delivery absolutely can make a difference. When I think of my husband and I “dating” for example, across the Pacific 20+ years ago, all kinds of different methods of communication… the times we misunderstood each other! The method of delivery played a very important role.

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    1. Any form of communication can be misunderstood. It just means more communication by way of explaining, and more patience. I don’t see how it would help to cease a form of communication because of misunderstanding or disagreement in that form.


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