Where are you taking us?

pushed out of this car speeding down winding mountain pathways, to find only a sheer drop at high speed, greeting me with open and loving arms, a tender pain

this trip was your plan, organized in advance, details kept hidden from me until the coup-de-grace

accompanied into beneficent vistas, serene clearings, down safe and wholesome paths, your periodic intercession was a ruse

your periodic manifestation ensured I hit the marks, off the beaten path, your flattery herding me ever onward towards a beautiful and majestic exodus from the safety of automotion

previously having been stripped of my wings, too late for belts of safety, I am physically compelled by you to leap to my demise on the jagged rocks off the shoulder

as I am ejected I look at you sadly, glancing ‘why’ with one eye, winking with the other, as I walk on air, stepping with mean strides

you regard my aerobatics with glee-turned-shock as you realize you can kill us

but not me


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