Exuberance of a Silly Madman

Spanning waves, I jump from crest to crest
The world conspires not to let me sink
And I think I’ll have a beautiful day
If you don’t mind
If it’s all the same to you
I’ll have a wonderful time
I’ll take pictures of the sky from above it
I will hop from tree to tree
As the ground gently greets me
And the sun licks my face with glowing warmth
Lest you think I’m going to burst out
Singing a musical number
Take a look at all this darkness
That I just got out from under
The sleep’s out of my eyes and love is true
And if you think about it, wouldn’t you?
Wouldn’t you dance like thunder
If you were happy as a clam
Though even a clam couldn’t possibly be
As happy as I am
Lest you think this verse is becoming cheesy
What’s wrong with that
When you’re happy, everything is easy
And silliness is natural
And strangeness is your friend
People may look at you funny
But you pray this never ends
An understanding was reached
Between the universe and I
I wouldn’t shout a curse
It wouldn’t poke me in the eye
And it’s a bargain that I think I’ll gladly keep
It’s win-win for the universe as well
The precise nature of our agreement
Is a secret I’ll never tell
But I’m sure it will be very beneficial
To everyone in my immediate vicinity
You can see the beauty of the day
Night will likely be this same way too
And I hope something like this
Happens very very soon
To the vast majority of you


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