You can’t see me shaking, frozen
from the cold?
from overemotional processing?
from laughing at you
on the inside?
your world is fragmenting
don’t worry
I kept the receipt
we’re team captains
choosing ‘sides’
I’m sure your ‘team’
will help you win
while my ‘team’
decides to live
instead of constantly
playing this game
say what you will
I kept the receipt
we both know
what you did
what you do
and what you will do
getting you to change
is like pushing a dead car
down the street
at midnight
new moon
no one around
everything covered in snow
it ain’t ever going to sixty
when I’m the only one pushing
and I lose interest
call a cab
and ride into the horizon
to sanityland


19 thoughts on “Sanityland”

  1. This feels open to a million different interpretations. Could be the end of a marriage, the receipt is a the license, could be the texts between lovers, etc etc. what I love is how you express your coldness passionately. It’s such a juxtaposition. So much strength in staring at the inevitable and allowing it to be, because you know your words won’t change another’s reality.

    Liked by 2 people

              1. I said before… and ill say it again…I’d so come by and pick you up! No need for additional expense or trouble. My vehicle is warm an toasty. You’d never get cold and if things get too hot… our music will cool us down. 😉

                Liked by 1 person

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