Vision Clears, Vision Blurs

I’m sick of this dancing crushed centigram
Shining leaves burn icicle particulate
Ridiculous north star nemesis
Gather wood
Wash dish
Sweep floor

Paralyzed motion horizontal eye
Parachute paranoid parabolic arc
Taste the rainbow by kissing the sky
Wash shirt
Dust to dust
Peek, peek

I can’t help but look at it
When it seemed to fit before
When I drove into the setting sun
In the mist and the petrichor
With the wipers on delay
A little bit at a time
Vision clears and vision blurs
Some of hers and some of mine

Sonder, zenosyne
Two hearts intertwine
Two parts harmonize
Two souls synchronize

I’m sick of this twilight pacific adronitis
Catoptric tristesse sticks mystery landing
Your deceptive mal de coucou
Write word
Pay check
Mow lawn

Gnossienne in this cul de sac
Vemodalen scanning my own sky
Ritualistic jouska pas de deux

I can’t help but gaze, agog
When we seemed to come together
When dawn rose over her body
Did she become antematter
With feelings a kaleidoscope
An elegant design
Vision clears and vision blurs
Some of hers and some of mine


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