Chemistry Is Next, But First – The Aftermath

I feel low and tired with skin peeled off. Raw nerves exposed and phone on charge to chase away the peacocks and vultures. Time ticks by digitally, while the analog is out of sync…




A physical kiss is nothing without the feeling behind it, the meaning behind it, the dreaming behind it. Reliving the pain, rewind it. Adjust the spine to try to find it.

Shuffle dance dance shuffle like talented zombies without the imminent need for cranial sustenance. Without anything keeping me alive in this scenario. It’s Case Nightmare Green and I’m still alive, so that must mean I’m the evil one left when the world was destroyed. I’m sure someone else is out there in a bunker, venturing out to see if it’s safe. It’s not, but at least we’ll be together.

Drip, drip, drip… toxic water ebbs and flows from aftermath islands, the debris of a thousand burned bridges strewn across the shoreline. One bridge for every day you loved me. One shattered island that will never again be visited or seen or remembered in this wasteland.

I ride down this trail knowing it will end. I walk down this path knowing it will end. The blood flows from wounds. I live this life knowing it will end. They’re coming for me…

They’re here.



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