Hay In A Needlestack 

I was hay in a needlestack
You had a magnetic personality
Trying to draw me out only brought pain and suffering
Needless needles and many eyes
Threads unraveling
Threats uncovered
A morass of metal mentally meddling
A swell of sell-by dates expiring
This shivering splintering sliver
One piece that just wouldn’t fit
Perhaps it was from an entirely different puzzle


39 thoughts on “Hay In A Needlestack ”

            1. It’s nice to see you every where I go. I love reading your comments. It feels like we’re at a party.

              You make my life special. You make me smile! Hope you’re doing well and enjoying your little monkey. I’m sure he’s enjoying you. 😉

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            2. We may do both simultaneous poems on the same theme or title, or a true collaboration. We may paint this room a metallic gray, have some pinot grigio, write a song, assemble some IKEA furniture… Who knows?

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