Something To Drink

Nono: Are you hot?

Gigi: Kind of. Why?

Nono: I’m thirsty.

Gigi: Why don’t you get something to drink ?

: I should. I really wanted to get this special drink made of citrus, sugar and water. I thought I could get it online, but it’s not available anymore.

Gigi: It’s not? What happened?

Nono: It was e-lemonaded.

Note: I’m terribly, terribly sorry.


51 thoughts on “Something To Drink”

            1. I could do that. I love making you smile, and I love pleasing fans, and I could do that. Right?
              Gigi: Wait… something’s off.
              Nono: What do you mean?
              Gigi: I don’t see Y Not!
              Clever: Exactly!

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