Coffee Shop Stories: Explanation Points And Kissable Lips

Thoughts written in a coffee shop…

I bounced around and down the hall, on my wonderful bouncing ball. I was a kid again. I heard about the Fibonacci series, but I didn’t see anything on Netflix. So much for binge watching. I danced my way through the room, over to the desk, and signed on the lined dot. It was very hard to read.

And that was just on the way to work! Wow, the sunrise was glorious this morning! Just stunning! I guess! Because the sky was completely covered with clouds! So I didn’t see it! Which kind of sucked? I ran out of explanation points, so I had to use a questioning mark? And another, though I’m running out of those too? Why am I using them up@ I just can’t stop myself@

Oh, you’re still here? I thought for sure you would have clicked on something else by now. I suggest you stop reading now, because the rest of this post is going to be very naughty and bad. Don’t read it!

Okay, your last warning! (Hey look, I found some more explanation points!)

I’m telling you! You won’t want to see what’s next!

This isn’t a reverse psychology trick! You really don’t want to see the following!

Okay, for the rest of you, here’s the end of this post.

She came to me with lips of silk, wet and juicy, kissable, that in my mind were truly some kind of heaven on earth. I dreamed of eyes, dark and brown, looking down at me from where she stood, coffee in hand, the same color as her skin, just as delicious and energizing, and with just as much steam rising. She slid in the chair across from me, tossing her brown hair saucily, sassy and carefree, but still caring deeply. I could tell by the way she set the mug down carefully, without spilling a drop. I only noticed peripherally, as I was captivated by eyes of brown, looking at me intently, hints of her throat peeking out from under her Iron Man tee. Parts of me were shooting up like mercury, and I wondered what she saw in me.

I woke up from a sleeping spell, seemingly, only to find she was still there, running her fingers through her hair dreamily, staring intently at me, wondering if I was going to drink my coffee. I wanted to drink from her lips thirstily, but there were too many people around. My table, now hers as well, was situated by the fireplace, but it would have been hot anyway. I felt her foot on my calf, sliding up slowly, until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I just had to f-

to be continued if I have any say in the matter…

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21 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Stories: Explanation Points And Kissable Lips”

  1. “I just had to f-” face? fact? (no not fact), fair? (No he is gooder at english than that), fall (maybe… Not too high up… OH OH FAINT!! no well…), feed (Hmm could work…), fast (Well, a chaste man is a righteous man!), feel (Ohhh that is a good one), fear, fight (Ohh oh fight urges!! I’m there you man! You can do it!), figure (OUT A PLAN! YES… no? *sighs), feed! (…the fire of loin’ish… oh hell), form…

    *Lowers head in defeat…* **taps keyboard**

    Liked by 1 person

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