Good Luck Finding Meaning In This

He came into the room with a thundersnap, slimming the carrots from entropy. Losing amethyst, he guffawed high freedom into the skyshrine. Falling was a thing. He did that thing. That thing was done. The ground was another thing he was closer to now. Just like winter…

Grumbling chicken recipes, the parka on his torso wished for riverboats to amplify feelings beyond the naval threshold. Fill in the blank with something interesting here, because he couldn’t do it on his own. The vacuumed lobster boiled cruelly above the toll bridge. A chicken didn’t exist.

Parboiled ganache dripped like wax from a candle, if that was was in a double boiler and being applied to cakes or jobs. Application, affliction, it was all the same thing to this entrepreneurial zombie chef.

Holding back the tears, which rhymes with bears not beers, his hare’s hairs dared bears fairs and shared fares for pairs of pears. No one cares. This beaver of consequence shook like a muffin on a tree, consuming absolution like simile trees in the middle of a metaphorest. How much is Sweden? A dog’s underpants, he reasoned.


82 thoughts on “Good Luck Finding Meaning In This”

  1. Not find meaning in this?.. sorry to hear the news… It isn’t easy losing a pet rabbit… Very healthy to express yourself with words… Hang in their.. the hard times have past… We are here for you… R.I.P. Mr. Fuzzy Bottoms.. aka Little Fuzz… aka Jumping Bean… : (

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  2. Reblogged this on absolutely bunkum! and commented:
    I spent a lot of time exploring his blog and he is the most(not one of the) brilliant blogger I’ve ever come across. He’s not just clever, he’s also witty, puzzling and enigmatic. He loves you and therefore he will set you free–after annoying you and making you angry–yes, you reasoned it right. I panicked at first as I started reading him–that was annoying part, then as I kept plodding through he made me laugh like no one else ever has and then I started feeling liberated. He seemed like a friend I lost in a fare or was it a fair? I can only aspire to reach his inspiring brilliance(when I start aspiring). My only regret is to find him too late–but things happen when destiny allows them to happen–and now it seems like a high school reunion. Thanks for sharing your funny writings, wonderful music and wise counsel with us. πŸ™‚ If you start writing someplace else please let me know so that I may follow you around!

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