Question Time: What Is Love?

Another Question Challenge – think about it for a while, and then answer. Stare at the picture if you need to. This is purely hypothetical, of course, so give a hypothetical answer. A real, genuine hypothetical answer.

Would you rather be married to or exclusive with a) someone who doesn’t love you? OR b) someone who you do not love?

In other words, is it more important to love or be loved? What do you think is the difference between loving someone and being in love? And do you think it would be harder to tell someone you love them when you don’t know if they love you, or to tell someone who loves you that you don’t love them?


156 thoughts on “Question Time: What Is Love?”

      1. Awwww so you love me? Or you did love me? So if I dont know you then how can I love you back? Another thing if I did know you then I might love you… so binding one’s love is an unanswered question of what could be beautiful.. that is why it is better too Express your love to that person.. why? Because u might find she/he loves you back

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        1. You’re annoying, and yet somehow I admire your perseverance and appreciate and mostly agree with your questions and discussion. How do you do that?

          It’s true, better to express something than to hold it in and regret keeping it to yourself later. Expressed love may result in a “no thanks”, but unexpressed is a definite no.

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        1. I’m not sure. All I know is that the ideal is to love someone who loves you back. If I had to choose between the two things in the question, I’d probably choose being with someone who loves me but I don’t love.


          1. We all do the best we can sometimes we often try too hard to understand things and sometimes other don’t try hard enough and forget perhaps they should realise some cannot do everything on their own.
            Not sure about – (Can’t just live however you want with no regard to others) However, you are right I guess.. I am sure people don’t do that on purpose..

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  1. Blerg.. can I choose option 3?
    If I had to choose a or b… I would choose staying with someone who I don’t love but they love me and not because of the fact that they love me and I am in desperate need of love or anything but because it is a loophole… if I am willing to stay with someone who loves me then maybe there is love on my side too… I dunno… C I choose C…

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    1. Aristotle hasn’t explained how we can be in love with multiple people throughout our lives, though. He implies there’s only one person out there for us. Even if a love is one in a million, there are 7,300 people to choose from for each of us, mathematically speaking.

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      1. Aristotle I agree .. personally I love that idea.. I could be in love with 2… that would not surprise me ha.. dear me the idea of that .. 2 .. wow if I could be so lucky.. I doubt both would confused and I could be that greedy.. too much love… and such a selfish thought..

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  2. Since a choice has been asked, I would go with b. I know I can fall in love with an aspect of a person so if a person is showing me lovely love, I will love that and fall in love, eventually, I think.

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    1. But if you’re showing someone lovely love, maybe they will love that and fall in love with you eventually. Maybe?
      This is all hypothetical anyway. Ideally we’d fall in love with someone who loves us.

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  3. I really tried hard to answer this but I can’t and my option is not available. However I still think that I can contribute with my take of what I think is the difference between loving someone and being in love. You can love your parents, your kids, your family, even your new car feel or pet. Maybe you love that new shampoo yo tried or a tv series. It could be anything really. Being in love in my opinion has the foundation of loving someone with the addition of wanting romantic, sexual exchanges.
    Personally I can’t be exclusive with someone without having feelings for him. And if I do and feelings are not returned, it would be nothing more than sex and a disaster for heartache as my feelings would never be met. I could not live in a scary world hoping he might care some day and would feel that we both settled on the wrong thing the begin with. What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic lol.

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    1. Rhapsody, even though it may not have been a choice that I outlined in my question, I completely agree with everything that you just said. Your position is very wise and very true, and if this were a contest I think you would have just won it.

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          1. No, not at all, I say pretty “that” working progress to shush myself… hmm, working on it.. failed still working on it .. failed.. you get my take on it..:)
            AND you?? You seem to have a clever mouth with ya foot in it 🙂
            just saying Mr love ….. criptic….

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            1. I just gave you an innuendo, and it went right over your head.

              Your first comment ever on my blog was to tell me my question was wrong. I’m curious – does your mother know you’re using her computer?


  4. I would , if I HAD to choose…prefer to be with someone who loved me, and who I could either grow to live or at least be find of…because the reverse seems like it would be torture. Although the former is the latter for the other person, so… it’s an odd cycle of hurt and comfort.
    Maybe I’ll have to think about it some more.
    Your questions help in the thought process though. A mind is an incredibly powerful organ.
    “Is it more important to love or be loved?”— Ideally, anyone would want both. But to be loved spares your own heart a lot of pain.
    ” What do you think is the difference between loving someone and being in love?”—i think there are too many forms of love and so loving someone is a form of deep affection, and could be for friends or family or lovers. But being in love is … A pain that hurts, but hurts good.
    “And do you think it would be harder to tell someone you love them when you don’t know if they love you, or to tell someone who loves you that you don’t love them?” I’ve done both. The first is harder, I believe.
    Such a thought provoking post 🔥

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    1. It’s true that when you are one, the other person is the other. The only peaceful situation for everyone is if both or neither loves the other. It’s good for us if we’re loved, even if we don’t love the other person, but it feels cruel after a time.

      I think that loving can be for anyone we feel close to – family, friends, someone who just did something kind for us – but being IN love is reserved for romantic situations, a longing.

      I operate mostly with the belief that it’s better to regret something I did than something I didn’t do, and I’d rather hurt than cause someone else hurt. I’m not sure, then, if it’s harder, but I’d rather tell someone I love them when I don’t know if they love me.

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      1. I actually agreement with everything you say, which is rare for me. I can be quite contrary!
        I would always rather be hurt than vice versa.
        But I like to make special people feel…special!

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        1. I agree with that statement completely! Someone may not know they have a gift, and may not know how they have affected or touched someone else. I am always sure to tell them.
          I’m glad we have so much common ground right away. It points to good things in the future!

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  5. I’d rather be married to someone I do not love – at least I’d be treated well. And I’m mature enough to understand i didn’t love them but still treat them with respect and dignity and faithfulness. I can not however guarantee someone who did not love me would treat me the same way. In other words I have more faith in myself than in others.

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