Start Again

Get into the mellow groove that is Pomo… please….


42 thoughts on “Start Again”

          1. I rarely go in, unless it is warm. I do not like getting my face wet😂🤣😂 it also takes a LONG time to wash and dry my long hair, but I do love walking barefoot through the wash. It is one of the most relaxing things. The sound itself is soothing to the soul.

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            1. That’s true, just watching and listening to the waves crash repeatedly is soothing. I would go in once or twice when it was cold, if there was a fire nearby or I could change into dry clothes soon after.
              How long IS your hair?


                    1. It didn’t, actually. I used TreSemme. It took forever to dry sometimes, especially if I had it in a ponytail.
                      I had it long two separate times. Once with my natural color (light brown) and once dyed blond
                      Someday, I may share a picture of it, lol


                    2. Ooh! Please do 😊😊

                      Yes, it does take forever to dry. I have to blow dry it if I can. It can be difficult when travelling though, hairdryer are a waste of luggage space. How do you wear your hair now?

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  1. Profound… impressive jibber jabber long walks bloody hell it sounds like Scarborough with 2 silly noobs that want to gossip about life and how we can I’m lost now I’m off to see dad.. I will tell him u said hi ..

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