About This Clever

We can all be gods, or devils. We can shine like stars. We were never meant to stay human. We are just the chrysalis, from which something greater will emerge.
– Simon R. Green
You have reached the About page of Ward Clever.

The sound of one hand clapping is: *snap*

I’m broken and repaired and broken, repeatedly, but I’m a renewable resource.

Most people do one or two things, very well. I can’t do that. I’m too much of a writing wanderer for that. I get bored and impatient. On this blog, I write poetry and prose – but it’s not that simple. I write heartache and love, melancholy and magic, surrealism and silliness, romance and rage, and that’s the poetry. The prose is sometimes poetry in disguise, and sometimes a story of triumph, or of surreal sarcastic humor, of dystopia, or entertainment, or simply something unexpected.

Find your favorite tag, pull up a chair, and relax. You’re in for a ride. I’ve got an amusement park full of them.




126 thoughts on “About This Clever”

      1. (I forgot to get back to this as I was short on time. And my stupid phone. I keep liking things accidentally as I scroll. So sorry about confusing notifications.)
        It’s a while ago, I had forgotten about it. It’s fine.

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    1. I cordially invite you to unzip your lips and once again speak freely. πŸ™‚ Just like incipientoffing up there. That woman was amazing. I wonder what happened to her? πŸ˜‰


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