Tags, Explained

I am sure some of you may have noticed that I often use some very odd and very long tags. This is a brief explanation of some of them. If there is another tag you’d like an explanation of, please let me know.

A love like courting the words themselves – Sometimes I write a poem that seems to be into itself far more than any person. A poem that loves love and loves words, and any target is a metaphor.

demons are writing my name next to madness – Here I imagined a book with everyone’s name in it, a mythical book. Demons keep track of all the names, and what classification to place everyone in. My name is written next to ‘madness’ in this book.

Driving all night but not fast enough to become the dawn – Sometimes no matter how fast we go, and no matter how hard we try, some things elude us.

Either I’m Insane Or Life Just Turned A Corner – Things appear to be good, or at least to have stopped being bad…. Or have they? Have I missed something?

Feeling like someone else wrote my autobiography – Someone has a hold on me to the point where even though the actions I take are my own, they’re not necessarily what I would choose given a modicum of freedom.

fifty thousand foot observation – Details and minutiae are minimized, and a situation is examined from a very top level

how far down does this go – Yes, an allusion to the Rabbit Hole in Alice In Wonderland.

I know you’re there so pick up – Clearly a person is watching or noticing me, so why not come out and say something?

I pushed skip but the song kept playing – I have an old MP3 player, and sometimes when I try to skip a song, it doesn’t work and I have to wait until that song plays through before it will go to the next song. This is a metaphor for sometimes trying everything you can, but something you didn’t wish to happen happens anyway.

letting go is harder than falling – Even with a safety net, a parachute, or simply the ground is not that far away, we can’t let go of something. We cling to it, even though we know letting go is much better.

Nephilim are writing my name next to serenity – The flip side of demons writing my name next to madness.

Ripples one’s stone caused in another’s ocean – No matter how large someone’s pool is, or how far away, sometimes we can have an unmistakable effect on them.

Silence is the most weaponized of all answers – Silence says that you don’t care enough about someone to let them know you’re still there. I struggle with this one myself.  I actually ripped this one off Aurora Phoenix.

that fire that burns without stopping yet doesn’t hurt somehow – Pure love, romance, even sex. This fire is one that burns from within, and is sparked by that special someone.

vanishing is an impressively cruel trick – Someone leaves without saying goodbye, and you’re left to wonder why. Or worse, they’re still around but they won’t talk to you, or have minimized the relationship.

When we got there they were closed – We both tried, but it didn’t work. This can either mean we give up, or we go do something else.

Your accusations are my freedom flowing from your mouth – The more you attack me and belittle me and abuse me, the stronger I become and the more likely it is that I will leave.